How to wear: henley t shirts

The term "Henley" is known to have come from the name of an English town called Henley-on-Thames, as these kind of t shirts were the traditional uniforms of the local rowers there.
Henley T Shirts are collarless shirts and are characterized by the two-three inches long buttoning placket below the round neckline usually having two-three buttons. They kind of resemble a collarless polo shirt. The sleeves of this t shirt are either long or short and they are available in different types of fabrics for all seasons form lightweight cotton weaves suitable for summer to thick quilted ones or thermals for colder months.

Lately Henley T shirts are finding a way to mainstream store shelves. . they are rapidly gaining supremacy amongst the menfolk who are looking to break away from the Basics(Jeans and T Shirt Look). These t shirts are low maintenance and add on great variety to your wardrobe at a decent cost and effort.
Henley T shirts can be worn at anytime of the year, they can paired with jeans, pants, chinos depending on the occasion.

For warmer months of the year . .Short-sleeved light weight cotton blend Henley T shirts are a stand out substitute for basic T shirts. From day outs with friends to casual Fridays at office or night-outs you can throw on a Henley over your favorite bottom wear and look stylish

For colder months of the year . . as per the weight of the fabric, long sleeved Henley T shirts can be effortlessly layered under a blazer or a knitted cardigan or they can be just a add on top layer when the weather is balanced.

Henley T shirts can also act as layers. . .they work well over shirts as they do under.
Henley T shirts were largely underrated until now as it is slowly becoming mainstream. Try investing in one and be amazed by its powers!! You will most probably like it :)



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