How to layer clothing for winters | 5 style tips

There is a reason layering is such a big trend in winters, it’s a massively practical way to dress when it’s really cold. So don’t be afraid to pile on the layers. A turtleneck, under a sweater, under a jacket, under a coat, for instance, will definitely keep you warm.

Check out these 5 handy tips to help you become a layering pro for the upcoming colder days: -

>>Winter is the time to mix up your neutrals. taupes, greys and blacks are the easiest colors to mix and match. Any combination of the three will flow perfectly, no matter how many layers you pile on.

>>Mix up elements of different textures, team up elements like woolen knits with sweatshirts and jackets in order to give variety to your winter look.

>>When you are swathed in head-toe fabric, one statement element in enough to highlight your whole look for e.g.: - a camel colored trench coat can be thrown over a basic under layer and carried forward easily.

>> Accessorize the exposed partsof your body wisely so that they add on some highlight to your overall look, like covering your neck with a statement scarf, hands with gloves, beanie for your head and ears and longline boots to cover your legs.

>> When you are wearing tonnes of layers on top, balance it out by wearing a slimmer outfit on the bottom for an even look.

>>Keep playing around with separates and you’ll soon master the art of layering for e.g.: -You can try combining a dress over pants and layered over by long coat, or go for a shirt, a hoodie and a jacket.

With the right layering, the right coat and the right footwear, you’ll be battle-ready to combat the chilly days ahead, stylishly.

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