Less Marks More Discount


Don't be sad if you didn't score well enough in 12th Boards.It's not the end of the world. And we are here to prove it

Inbox us a screenshot of your percentage in 12th Boards on our facebook page or mail it to us on wecare@rigo.in and we'll subtract it from 100 to get your discount percent

The lesser you scored, the more insane your
discounts at RIGO

We'll provide a
custom code specially for YOU.

Happy Shopping!

* Maximum applicable discount is 67%

Instructions to claim the offer:

Let's say you have scored 55% in the board result.So discount you will get is 100% - 55% = 45%

Inbox or comment with the screenshot of your mark sheet and we will reply back with a discount code after applying, you will get the final discounted price.